Freedom truck lines


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On average, our owner-ops gross $8,000 -12,000 / week running over the road (2-3 weeks at a time). If you prefer to be home every night, then you can expect to gross $6,000-8,000 / week.

Freedomtrucklines owner-ops keep 85% of gross

15% of gross revenue (aka 15% of what you bring in every week)

  • Freedom Truck Lines’s motor carrier authority so you don’t have to get your own
  • Fast payments on all loads delivered
  • Back office support so you can focus on driving
  • Access to the industry’s major load boards in our app
  • Freedom to book any load you like, from any source (excluding brokers with demonstrated poor payment histories). You set your own schedule
  • Cost-plus fuel discounts at major truckstops
  • Tire discounts
  • Dedicated 24-hr emergency roadside assistance
  • Permit setups and toll device setups
  • IFTA calculations and filings
  • ELD management
  • Insurance, trailer, tolls, and dispatch services are not included.
  • Weekly via direct deposit to your bank account. 


  • 3+ years of CDL experience (most of our owner-ops have 10+)
  • Own your own truck (must be able to run an ELD)

Yes, we can  provide a dispatch service for a 10% fee off gross

  • No, Freedom Truck Lines always wants to earn your business.

Owner-ops who promptly submit paperwork and information are usually ready-to-haul in 1-2 weeks. (Faster if you have your own plates.)



  • No, but your truck must be ELD compatible.

No, you can lease one of Freedomtrucklines trailers at cost.

  • Insurance: Discounted Cargo & Liability insurance through us. Bring your own Bobtail and Physical Damage. 
  • Trailer: lease one of Freedom truck Lines LLC trailer at cost (we don’t profit).
  • Dispatch: most of our drivers prefer to self-dispatch. You can also work with one of our amazing dispatchers (3% additional charge).
  • No we do not at this time. That way you have more freedom to leave if you want to. If this is a deal breaker we can try and help you in obtaining them. 


  • Bismarck, ND but we lease trucks on from everywhere.

We believe in getting everything done as quickly as possible from your house!!! With the internet we can do everything online and through email and zoom. So that you can get to work fast!!!

Interested in joining our fleet? Call us at 202-555-0188 , or submit a form and we will contact you.